Local Community Shopifolk Photographs

Kia Ora Everyone! 
Julian here; local community manager for Auckland. My amazing colleague @Inezify, our Indigenous Community Manager for Aotearoa, inspired what I think is a genius idea, and I’d love you to take a look at my pitch in this vid:

tl;dr: Inez pointed out that Shopify NZ needs a whole lot more amazing NZ photography to build out our Shopify NZ visual brand.

With a little nudge from Matt Cameron, we had the stroke of brilliance to ask you - you beautiful NZ Shopifolk - to put your cameras to use wherever you are in the country, and upload some legit, beautiful, compelling images of our Aotearoa.

Whether it’s your backyard, Mt. Taranaki, a DOC hut in the middle of nowhere, your fave street sign, or anything else that shows our real NZ, we want it. Upload early, upload often, to Shopify’s Burst using this link. 

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