Princes Trust Set up Guide

Thank you for taking part in the Prince’s Trust Pilot program. 

Hey Everyone! my name is Julian (Jules) and I work for Shopify!


I am really excited to meet you all as you can see by this incredibly staged photograph ;)


I will be introducing you to Shopify and helping you get your business launched. I will also be a person you can talk with if you need any help going forward.  


“He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch.”


For a part of the program we will be using Shopify as our ecommerce platform and to get the most out of our time during the program it is required for you to start a free trial by following the instructions below. 


Free Trial Instructions Please watch this video. 

Please click on this start free trial link here. 

  • Please enter your Name
  • Your email address
  • Store name:  please use this format: First initial of first name followed by a full stop then your last name. 
    Example: j.bartram
    The name of your store is for Shopify to be able to identify you so don't worry about what it looks like. Once you have a brand or proof of concept you will be buying a domain name.
    Once you have done that please fill out the required registration information as per the video below.


    Filling out personal details for Shopify

    Once you have done this then you should see the Shopify admin screen that looks like this. 

    Extra Homework

    If you would like extra homework to do before coming to the course feel free to click here to get access to a google drive that has multiple folders in it for this task.
    Go to the folder "main document". click inside the folder to get access to the document.  
    This is the document you will use to help you add 8 products to your Shopify store. We have chosen Jewellery as our product of choice. 
    The reason this is important is that adding products correctly and with a formalised structure will help you develop your business and let you get the most out of the software. 
    You will also find 4 other folders with stock images of jewellery you can use in this folder. 
    So how do we add products to Shopify? 
    So open up that google document and lets get started. 

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