Shopify New Zealand Monday Zooms: Beginner merchant edition


Hey there! My name is Jules and I have been using Shopify in my own business since 2011 and boy have I made some mistakes! I am also the Community Manager for Shopify based here in New Zealand.

Right now more than ever before I believe there is a need where Beginner Shopify merchants and entrepreneurs should come together to help one another out, to learn from each other and ask questions.
Do you want to join a community of Beginner Shopify Merchants who help each other with advice while we work? If so keep reading...
I am committing 90 minutes every Monday from 11.00am to 12.30pm to be accessible to Beginner Shopify Merchants to help them out as best I can!
This meeting is restricted to 24 people. 

Register Here!


Who is a Beginner Shopify Merchant? Someone who has been with the platform less than 12 months or who identify's as a beginner.


Can I attend if I am not a Shopify merchant? This meet up is reserved for Shopify merchants. If you don't have an online store yet, now is a great time to get started! You can access a Shopify free trial by clicking this link.


I have a support question can you help with that? I can help look at your issue and hopefully resolve it, but nothing beats our 24/7 support Gurus who deal with technical issues on a daily basis.


Can I book a free 1:1 meeting with you? You totally can! Typically these meetings are geared around growth and business strategy where we will come up with a plan that should help you move forward with your business. Click here to book 


I am an advanced merchant can I attend and help share my knowledge? I would love it if you attended! If you could email me on we can have a chat and then bring you into the next meeting.


What other events are you running? I host events regularly on different topics all the time. You can check out my current programming here.

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